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Cleaning Myself Up… Continued!

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Well, folks – Today is day 12! I officially have completed more than HALF of my 21 day cleanse and have 9 days left to go. I found that the addition of lean meat to this diet helps tremendously! I am staying fuller, longer, and I just love meat, so my attitude has become substantially more positive since making the addition. Also, the amount of capsules has gone from 30 per day to 19! Great news for me since I’ve always had difficulties swallowing them.


I am not going to lie – I cheated recently!! As a woman, I find myself having food cravings around certain times of the month [that’s what I‘m going to blame it on]. I had some chocolate covered pretzels thinking that would help satisfy the craving. It turns out after cutting out sugar for many days, the result was a stomachache. I was shocked by how quickly it came on too.  Needless to say – lesson learned – it just so happens that bad food really does make you feel bad. You just don’t notice how bad it makes you feel until you’ve cut it from your diet. I wonder how many Americans are walking around feeling “good,” when they probably don’t even know how the quality of “good” can change with a simple diet modification. This is not to say the Standard Process Purification Program won’t be quite a significant change for some; however, I believe everyone could take a good hard look at what they consume and how this may relate to their quality of life!


Positive Changes


What a difference it has made for me so far! It has been a struggle to at times, but I have noticed many positive changes. According to my agenda, there are 2 more weeks in this trimester, which means this is, “crunch-time, stress-filled, holy-cow,-can’t-stop-studying” time in everyone’s life at NYCC. I was nervous and apprehensive to have such a strict diet just when comfort foods during finals help take one over the hump. By abstaining from the junk, though, I’ve been amazed by my extended attention span. I am able to get more accomplished than ever before and in a shorter amount of time too! This means, I am not AS stressed! Also, I have all the energy I need to get through a day of studying WITHOUT coffee! I bet if I were to ask the employee who runs the coffee kiosk on campus the amount of coffee she brews during finals compared to a regular day, it would be shocking! I’m proud to say that I will not be contributing to the caffeine buzz on campus, and it feels pretty darn good! Until next time…


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