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Mish Mosh of Life & China Trip

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Exciting things are happening!!!!

1.)  Yesterday was the last day of my Assistantship! This means I am now an Intern and starting to take my own patients next trimester! Yay! It all happened so fast I can hardly believe it.

2.)  I leave for China in 5 days! I haven’t started packing yet, and will surely be flying around like a chicken with my head cut off in about 4 days wondering why I waited so long to pack! There is just so much going on with finals being pushed up a week early. I have many exams to study for and practical prep work to be done.

3.)  I am close to surviving my 5th trimester – only 4 more left!

4.)  Winter has gone on long enough! I cannot wait for warmth of summer – well it’s a good thing Beijing is 80 degrees and sunny!

5.)  I first entered this program being unsure about whether I would practice herbal medicine – I thought at first that I would just take the herbal program because it consists of more theory about acupuncture. I have never been more wrong in my life! Being in clinic this semester has been eye opening for me. Yes, herbal medicine is challenging – as an herbalist, if you’re wrong about a formula, you can make a patient’s conditions worse, however, if you are right, it can be life altering for the patient. I will take these odds and most definitely write herbal formulas for my patients! The challenge is just enough to keep me on my toes and constantly reading, doing research, and studying herbs. Overall, it’s a win-win situation that I get more theoretical information about Chinese Medicine and I get to add more tools to my box in order to make more of a difference. It’s amazing how certain little things just fall into place sometimes.


All things China:

-Being in Asia is going to hopefully be an amazing cultural experience. I recently bought a new handbook about traveling, studying, and working in China. It is designed to help Americans understand cultural values and how not to stick out like a sore thumb in China.

-All I have to say is given my tall height and redheaded mane; I’m thinking I will be a sore thumb regardless, but hey – there’s no harm in trying.

-I also purchased a starter book for all the basic Chinese language I will need in China. I think I should just carry a fanny pack and stamp “tourist” on my forehead.

-Total travel time will be about 18 hours (with layovers) and the time difference is exactly 12 hours.

-We will be flying over the North Pole to get there– I’ll be sure to wave to Santa Claus!

-I will not be able to post while in China, but I promise to bring back tons of pictures, experiences, and stories to share with you!

-Until then, be well and take care 🙂 Bon Voyage!

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